The investment into the HPT Defensive Driving course reduces your teen’s risk of an accident by more than 50%. Your child’s safety is the ultimate return.

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You can take a French class with a seasoned instructor, but without practical application, you’ll never really master the language. The same applies to driving. Effective drivers must achieve a combination of knowledge, technique and foresight to navigate the road with confidence and skill. Teens are eager to drive – but their inexperience and overconfidence can often prove a toxic mix, and today they face more distractions than ever. For teens, driving is especially dangerous, and the numbers prove it.

  • Interactive defensive driving courses reduce the risk of accidents by over 50%.
  • Teens are the most inexperienced drivers on the road and now have more distractions in front of them than any previous generation.
  • Vehicle repair cost & insurance premium increases significantly after an incident.
  • Parent personal financial risk is significant if your teen injuries someone else.
  • As a parent am I best equipped to teach this concept to my teen? Most teens respond better to a teacher/coach than they do to their parents.

Keeping your teen safe is a top priority for most parents, but often, teens find coaches and teachers more credible. Partnering with the experts at HPT saves you time and money but could save something far more valuable: your child’s life.


Teen Driving Statistics

  • Every hour, approximately 30 teens are injured in motor vehicle incidents involving inexperienced driving.
  • The use of a cellphone doubles the risk of an incident.
  • Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among young adults (15-20 years old) and the numbers are increasing.
  • Teen drivers are 3 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than adults over the age of 20.
  • Accident rates increase with each additional passenger in the vehicle.
  • Arizona ranks 47th on overall teen safety, 49 on highest insurance increase & ranks as one of the worst in driving laws.
  • Almost all teen crashes are PREVENTABLE.

Defensive driving skills can reduce vehicle incident rate by more than 50%

Almost all teen crashes are PREVENTABLE