HPT’s goal is to reduce teen driving risks by teaching them to anticipate their situation and make informed practiced decisions.

Practical Defensive Driving Skills

Our goal is to develop your child into an educated defensive driver that is fully aware of their driving conditions at all times. These defensive driving courses are meant for permit and licensed drivers with a minimum of 1-2 months of driving experience.

  • Awareness to create a safe space around the vehicle
  • Learn to see more of what is happening around you
  • Have time to react and make decisions
  • Learn to remain calm while driving
  • Focus on one activity at a time when behind the wheel
  • Keep you safe through your high-risk driving years
  • Get to know your vehicle and learn how to do a pre-driving inspection
  • Learn how to properly position yourself, the mirrors and the seat as the driver
  • Learn to utilize safe driving tactics that allow you to identify conditions/hazards in a predictable manner
  • We use a specific technique called teach-back verbalization or parroting.  All students have different learning styles and we find this technique most effective in getting the concepts to become second nature to our students.
  • Mindset that all accidents are preventable.
  • Complete monthly verbalized driving session.
  • Skills practiced will create mastery.
  • Teach parents and siblings what you learned.
  • Have the courage to speak up if you witness unsafe driving.


A 1-Second Advantage

The intentional practice of Defensive Driving begins with awareness. An effective defensive driver identifies potential risks in the vehicle and on the road ahead and is prepared to respond quickly and safely. The concepts include:

  • Regularly inspecting your vehicle
  • Following the basic traffic laws
  • Creating proper space between vehicles
  • Minimizing distractions
  • Knowing your surroundings
  • Yielding to aggressive drivers
  • Improving reaction time

Which Class Is Right For You?

Primary Course

  • 1 hour of classroom
  • 2-3 hours of behind the wheel

Custom Course

  • 1 hour of individual instruction based on your drivers needs

Almost all teen crashes are PREVENTABLE