Keeping our teens safe by standardizing a practice that saves lives, money and time, in spite of your surroundings and the actions of other drivers.

High Performance Teen Defensive Driving

Studies have revealed the teenage brain is not completely hardwired yet. Adolescents differ from adults in the way they respond, solve problems and make decisions. It’s why teaching them to drive defensively – or always anticipating potential threats – is so critical.

At HPT Defensive Driving, our unique methodology combines interactive classroom instruction, hands-on practical application and teach-back verbalization that gives them the “1-second advantage” that can mitigate danger.

Classroom Instruction:

New drivers must become familiar with the many traffic laws they must obey in each state. We make our time is interactive and fun to ensure they retain the material and know where to source it in the future.

Hands-On Application:

Small groups of three new drivers engaging in real-time experiences together are the most effective method to retaining defensive driving skills. During our time together, we will review vehicle maintenance and safety precautions, and naturally encounter a range of scenarios that require defensive driving and quick decision-making. Smaller class sizes allow for collaboration, camaraderie and support as we practice:

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Teach-Back Verbalization:

The best way to learn involves verbally repeating what we’ve learned, or the “show me” technique. During our real-time driving excursions, student drivers will have the chance to offer positive affirmation around decisions made in real-time. Plus, they will be asked to repeat and affirm the lessons they learned both in the classroom and while practicing. This “teach-back” method is used frequently by health care professionals when ensuring patients understand the information and instructions they have been given. HPT has adopted this method to ensure teens can verbalize what they’ve learned for practical application in the future.

Our methodology helps your teen gain what we call the “1-second advantage.” It’s a kind of insurance policy that helps them to make informed decisions over impulsive ones.

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Passionate About My Kids Safety, and Yours

Sam Sanchez

Under beautiful Arizona skies, the roads are dangerous. Arizona ranks 47 out of 50 for overall teen safety. It’s something I thought about every day when my oldest daughter began driving, and now my second one is getting ready to do the same. Defensive driving courses reduce the risk of accidents by more than 50%, and now, it’s become my life’s work to make an impact with your children and mine that lasts into the future.

It’s true – vehicle repair cost & insurance premium increases significantly after an incident. Parent personal financial risk is significant if your teen injuries someone else. But the true cost is your child’s well-being – maybe even their life.

Like you, I’m a busy parent and husband to an amazing woman, Jennifer. Like you, our lives revolve around our kids – Sigourney (26), Nicole (16) and Joseph -who we call JJ – (12). We’ve lived in Ahwatukee for 7 years and love the family-friendly lifestyle. They’re the ones who inspired my passion to launch HPT Defensive Driving.

During my career as a global sales executive, I participated in countless defensive driving courses and then led hundreds of team members to do the same. Every time I completed a class, I would tell Jennifer how much I learned and how I wanted to send my teen driver (Sigourney) through a course like this. I’m passionate about safety, and I connect easily with young adults. My kids also taught me that while I still have a lot of influence, they very often listen to other adults even better.

Yours in safe driving,

Almost all teen crashes are PREVENTABLE