A 1-Second Advantage

As parents, keeping your kids safe is top priority. Partner with HPT and equip your brand new driver for the road ahead. Sure, you’ll save time and money, but most importantly – you could save your child’s life.

Inexperience, along with high risk driving behaviors, means a greater chance of your teen being involved in a driving incident. While driver education courses and obtaining a driver’s license is a good start, young adults need additional training and guidance to improve their decision making skills and create awareness of their risky driving behaviors.

Giving your driver one additional second to react will prevent almost all incidents. This is a small investment to make towards your child’s safety.


Defensive driving skills can reduce accident rates by more than 50%

Studies have revealed that the teenage brain is not completely hardwired just yet. Adolescents differ from adults in the way they respond, solve problems and make decisions. It’s why teaching them to drive defensively – or always anticipating potential threats – is so critical.

The HPT Method

At HPT, our unique methodology combines interactive classroom instruction, hands-on practical application and teach-back verbalization that gives them the “1-second advantage” to mitigate danger.  Partnering with the experts at HPT saves you time and money but could save something far more valuable: your child’s life.

Be prepared to have a highly interactive exhilarating driving experience.


Smaller class sizes allow for collaboration, camaraderie and support as we practice:

Almost all teen crashes are PREVENTABLE