Find the right class for your young driver. Partner with HPT defensive driving and equip your teen for the road ahead.

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Almost All Teen Crashes Are PREVENTABLE

Our goal is to develop your child into an educated defensive driver that is fully aware of their driving conditions at all times. These courses are meant for permit and licensed drivers with a minimum of 1-2 months of driving experience.

Can’t find a scheduled class that works for your busy teen? Call us! We can adjust a future class that works for your teen.

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A 1-Second Advantage

    • Smaller class sizes allow for collaboration, camaraderie and support as we practice:
    • Reduce Risk
    • Following the basic traffic laws
    • Proper space cushion
    • Minimizing distractions
    • Knowing your surroundings
    • Yielding to aggressive drivers
    • Knowing your vehicle
    • Improving reaction time

Defensive driving skills can reduce vehicle incident rate by more than 50%!

Almost all teen crashes are PREVENTABLE